CLASSV Developer Hub

CLASSV provides a cloud platform for future education services.
Benefit from our SW services at the Hub.

Supporting Services

1) Customized CLASSV VR Headsets, Start a business on VR Store
VR스토어 사진
VR Store execution screen
Start a business on VR Store
ClassV provides a dedicated VR headset equipped with VR Class, a virtual classroom app, and a VR store. The ClassV Developer Hub supports development guidelines so that developed apps can enter the VR store of a dedicated VR headset.

VR App
Sell third-party applications on VR Store.

VR Class Sync Service App
Third-party application that can conduct experiential classes in connection with VR Class.
클래스브이 전용 헤드셋
CLASSV customized headset includes VR Class and VR Store
VR스토어 사진
Actual Performance Screen of the Headset

Please contact us for more information on the Developer's Membership.
2) Support development of app that can be linked with VR classes
This app is third-party applications that can be used as a class material while conducting a VR class. Manage your VR Class with educational resources during class.

[For Developer's Members], we provide SDK for app developers and supply resources. Also, you can contact our core developers for further discussions.

Instructors manage their class with the Teacher's PC software and utilize paid VR Class App from the App Store to participate students in activities and send messages.

체험앱 선택화면
Select Activity App
체험 중인 학생에게 메세지 보내는 화며
Send Messages to Participating Students

Develop Vr Class App with the SDK below.

  • SDK of VR Class App requires minimum implementation--run, return, and message-- to decrease development time and the risk of poor software performance.
  • Current SDK is developed with Unity and uses DPVR headset as the standard hardware.

Visit GitHub for more information.

Development in Schedule

  • CLASSV Webstore
    Future Education Administration Program Market
    Future Education Resource Video, Document, VR Slide

  • VR Slide Format Guidelines

  • CLASSV Class API
    Customer API
    Resource API

  • Paid VR Store App Sync SDK (Development in Schedule)
    App SDK that can be purchased from the VR store regardless of teacher/student classification
    Sync between CLASSV platform's customers and billing is expected for service.