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BELIVVR developed CLASSV and mainly researched web XR platform technology since 2017 to connect customers in various Virtual Reality (VR) services that are not just limited to Head Mounted Devices (HMD), but available through web and mobile environments which users are already familiar.

We first launched a VR webtoon platform that used web XR to support and educate content creators and later expanded to educational programs for students. Since 2018, BELIVVR has been providing educational programs and developing with the real educational field in mind.

From VR platforms full of VR content to web XR exhibitions like virtual museums, BELIVVR constructs and designs with expertise, spaces for users to experience unlimited areas, new creative contents, and environments. We also operate a research institution for future technology to help connect and share such technologies like metaverse—the uprising star in the twenty-first century—that we have come to face and discovered the true essence of education. We conduct research and study the company’s educational program and other educational needs in the field to bring out the best of those recent technologies to our customers.

In the coming of the metaverse era, experience your class that is easy to make and access through CLASSV presented by BELIVVR.
It provides the easiest customizable educational environment for the unexpected metaverse education space.

Metaverse Education Platform

What is CLASSV?

In the days of metaverse becoming a popular web XR platform service for easier and convenient educational opportunities, CLASSV provides a simple classroom managing operation system for the instructors and a familiar educational environment for students. We supply fast education services with web XR technology that doesn’t require VR devices to create visualized virtual space so that it can be accessed easily in any kind of user environment.

Benefits for You!

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Instructors use Personal Computer (PC) to directly invite students, manage and operate classroom environments that provide various functions for effective teaching. Forget the heavy and uncomfortable VR HMD. Use your PC in your class to begin metaverse education.

The announcement, student management, class statistics, class alarms, resources drive, class information are all available through the web by installing the PC client.

In addition to the seating arrangement of students, blackboard writing, PDF handwriting, YouTube, and video and VR content can be used for classes. CLASSV currently supports PDF and MP4 extensions.

Students can participate in class with PC, mobile, and VR HMD. Attend class with CLASSV’s all-in-one VR HMD to experience a realistic VR educational environment and educational purpose-created content. Or join the metaverse classroom easily at any time or place of your need with a PC client application or mobile application.

Students can check announcements, class schedules, receive alarms for classes, access resources, join various VR classes with safe PINs. Get involved in a whole new environment that provides familiar class features for a better educational opportunity.

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CLASSV classroom reinforces improved familiar education experiences. Everything here in the virtual classroom is not strange, because you can feel the same atmosphere as your offline classroom. Study in an improved class environment that provides concentrations.

Start a genuine XR education with CLASSV exclusive HMD. Share 360º content available on YouTube with class friends and encounter daily enhanced VR. Immersive education exclusive 4K VR HMD is also available.

Use safe and stable platform service based on P2P technology for your classroom. The instructor holds full authorized control, easily operating and managing one’s class at any time.

Autonomous personal classes are available using multiscreen, textbook control, 360º contents for diverse learning.

CLASSV expands metaverse education. It provides web, mobile, and VR devices to participate in metaverse education at ease. Open a class with CLASSV, another classroom for the metaverse era. We dream and carry out any possibility for you.

How to Use

  • 1. Sign up

    Create an account by clicking on the “sign up” button on the right top of the CLASSV homepage. All accounts require email verification. Please in advance prepare an available email address. Currently, Class V supports not only general logins but also MyKeepin and Whalespace logins.

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  • 2. Preparing a Class

    On the “My Class” page, after creating an account, instructors can view their classes and students can check classes available to them.

    You can try out creating a Class after subscribing to membership or through the two-week free membership try-out promotion. First, log in to your account and either go to the Homepage, Membership page, or My Page to claim “the two-week free membership try out” ticket which will be at the right top.

    If you have an available Membership Subscription, go to the My Class – Create Class button to begin your class and invite your students.

    Now click the created class to prepare for an actual class. Class V currently supports announcements, student management, class statistics, sending notifications, VR class start, resources drive, and class information services.

    Announcements Instructors can write classroom information or any other important notices so that students can check them at any time. If you modify the announcement and check the box next to ‘Send alarm when modified’ in the “Send Alarm page”, the View Announcements page will pop up.

    Student Management You can view “Invite links”, seating arrangements in the VR classroom, and student status. The invite link is valid 24 hours a day and CLASSV currently supports up to 40 participants per class.

    Class Statistics Class V provides student statistics for each class on how much students are paying attention in class. Click View Details to view attendance information. You can view a summary of which students participated in the class and how focused they were.

    Send Alarms This function sends notifications to students who have been invited to this class, have a mobile app, and have logged in and been allowed push notifications.

    Start VR Class If everything is all set, install the instructor’s PC client to start your class. If there is an error while installation, please download the client again or contact CLASSV customer service during operational hours for aid.

    Resource Drive You can store and publish videos, PDFs, and VR slides to use in class. When you upload your files, you can decide whether you want to share them with your students. And if you do, they can freely download materials using both the web and mobile. CLASSV currently supports videos (mp4, YouTube, 360 º YouTube) and PDF.

    Class Information You can modify existing classroom information or delete created classes.

    The client app for PC provides tools and a virtual classroom environment for practical classes. Click the downloaded Class_V.exe file that meets the specifications of each PC.

  • 3. Class Participation

    Students can access the CLASSV service once creating an account. Students can participate in classes with invitation links from the instructor’s account that have purchased a subscription. This is available through the web and mobile.

    Students can view Announcements, Friend List, Resource Drive, and Class Information and participate in CLASSV classes through VR HMD or PC clients. Log in to the CLASSV program easily using the offered PIN. If you are connected to VR, you can view your PIN in the upper corner of the My Class page. Or if using a PC client, go to the downloads page and run Class_v.exe and participate in class through CLASSV all-in-one exclusive VR HMD.

    When entering, check your class invitation or whether your instructor star started the class. Once your instructor has started a class, you can join the class with your PIN.

    Students can view shared resources provided by the instructor to the participating students in class. PDF, videos, and 360 contents are available for you and your friends to enjoy. CLASSV supports mic for both PC and VR HMD. Students using all-in-one VR HMD can use features such as 'wave hands', 'move' etc.

    For further instructions on how to use CLASSV please contact us through Channel Talk located at the bottom of our website. CLASSV creates the best and newest classroom with you.

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  • classv_question

    What is CLASSV?


    CLASSV provides a simple and convenient metaverse education platform service to instructors and students. The instructor uses web and PC clients for class management and teaches actual lessons. And students participate in class through web/mobile, PC client, and VR HMD.

  • classv_question

    Is VR HMD (Head Mounted Device) necessary to use CLASSV?


    No, it isn’t. We developed CLASSV to be always accessible without requiring VR devices so that our customers can experience a fast and easy classroom environment. But of course, at your choice, you can access CLASSV through VR HMD for an immersive classroom participation experience.

  • classv_question

    What functions does CLASSV provide?


    CLASSV provides basic Instructors and students’ management, classroom management, statistics, data storage, and notification alarm service. These functions are accessible through the web. Also after the class invitation has been sent and accepted, instructors can access the classroom seat map and share resources that support .pdf, .mp4, and such other extensions as well as YouTube, YouTube Streaming, Drawing Board, and 360º contents. And of course, instructors can mute students’ mics whenever they want and have 1 on 1 messaging.

  • classv_question

    I want to try out CLASSV. How can I?


    You can experience two weeks of free trials right after you sign up. If you would like to try out the Basic Subscription, click on the “Free Two-Week Trials” on the upper corner of the homepage and experience a whole new classroom environment that works for you!

  • classv_question

    How many participants does CLASSV allow?


    Each class can hold up to forty participants. If customers enjoy our product, we will be able to service bigger rooms that can hold up to more than 100 participants. Please contact us for custom plan consults, and we’ll provide an individualized plan that fits your need.