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CLASSV provides e-learning platform for teachers and students
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Teachers conveniently conduct and manage classes through a PC.
Students learn through VR headsets, PCs, or smartphones
Provides a simple and advanced educational environment

"CLASSV adds a new learning experience"

Enhances traditional classroom environment
Realistic XR training is possible using an educational 4K VR headset
You can listen to stable and comfortable lectures using an easy and stable platform based on P2P technology.
Manage classes through multiple large screens
Teachers and students can both control and preview classroom materials
Experience and learn vividly through 360-degree realistic media.

"Let's have CLASSV"

Provides teaching using digital technologies such as smartphones, PCs, and VR headsets

Learn with digital equipment and services such as smartphones, PCs, and VR headsets


Digital learning through Realistic field trip Education is available by purchasing a VR experience app.

If you are interested in developing an field trip learning app, please refer to the Developer's Hub page.

How to use 'Store' app

  1. Downloaded apps from the CLASSV store are saved on the PC client. 1
    Download Teacher's PC Client >

  2. To view purchased apps click on the 'Field Trip Learning App' on your PC client. 2

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  3. Click "Send Field Trip Learning App" to share with students. Students can download the purchased app and run it on their device. 3

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